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Katja Zure ( sour ) Matjes

275gr. no gelatin
Salesprice with discount
Sales price 4,02 €

The only real sour mats by Katja consist of 4 fantastic delicious fruit flavors and is one of the most sour candy . Made with natural colors and flavors and free from animal gelatin, so enjoy! Natural colors and flavors Vrij of animal gelatine Mix of 4 flavors: Strawberry, Apple, banana and cassis Oops! That is something else, original sour power! But if you insist, soon discovers how the acid makes way for fantastic delicious fruit flavors. This Acidic Mats we opted for strawberry, Apple, banana and cassis. We wonder what a topmix you know the best finds! Made using only natural colours and flavours and also free of animal gelatine, so  ( Katja zure matjes ) katja candy is gluten free candy
Natural colors and flavors
Free of animal gelatin
In Strawberry , apple, banana and cassis
Nutritional information per 100 grams :
Energy 1545 kJ (364 kcal)
Fat 2.3 g .
Saturated fat Carbohydrates 81.0 g .Of which sugars 60.0 g
Protein 2.6 g .Salt 0.10 gr.

What's in katja Sour Mix mats ? sugarHFCS wheat flourAcid ( malic and citric ) dextroseVegetable oil ( palm oil)natural flavorFruit extract ( apple) Plant extracts (pumpkin , tomato, radish, nettle , spinach, turmeric , carrot, hibiscus )Antioxidants ( ascorbic acid, Tocopherol-rich extracts )

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