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Katja Apekoppen

Katja candy Apekoppen gluten free candyKatja candy Apekoppen gluten free candy
Salesprice with discount
Sales price 3,90 €

Katja candy Apekoppen

Ideally, you get the whole day jokes . And stop is not an option .Katja candy Apekoppen is your candy for the day. Katja apekoppen are gluten free candy
Natural colors and flavors
Free of animal gelatin
In the drop- banana flavor

Per 100 grams :
1462 kj ( 344 kcal)
84.4 gr. carbohydrate (of which sugars 48.8 g . )
0.8 gr. protein
0.2 gr. fat (including saturated fat < 0.1 gr. )
0.4 gr. dietary fibers
0.04 gr. sodiumOne Apekop (about 8.5 grams ) contains 29 calories .

What's in Apekoppen ?glucose syrupsugarHFCSmodified starchmolassesvegetable proteinLicorice (3%)Thickener ( Locust bean gum , xanthan )SalmiakzoutAcid (citric acid)natural flavorsNatural flavoring substancesaltFruit and plant concentrates ( passion fruit, mango , orange, gardenia )Glazing agent ( beeswax white and yellow)May contain traces of milk


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