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Katja Biggetjes

Katja candy Piglets gluten free candyKatja candy Piglets gluten free candy
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Katja candy Biggetjes

Enjoy katja candy. Well know from its katja drop.  First good romp in the mud and then come home with dirty feet ... Something we had in mind when we made piglets. Katja Pigs are tasty sweet fruitgums you find them so delicious!
Natural colors and flavors
Free of animal gelatin
In Strawberry , raspberry and cherry
Katja candy is gluten free candy

Per 100 grams :

1469 kj ( 346 kcal)
84 gr. carbohydrate (of which sugars 59 g . )
1.1 gr. protein
0.2 gr. fat (including saturated fat < 0.1 gr. )
0.03 gr. sodium

One Piglet (about 10 grams) contains 29 calories .

What's in Katja  Piglets ? glucose syrup  sugar modified starch dextrose Juice from fruitspa concentraat (apple , mandarin , elderberry )Acid (citric acid , malic acid, lactic acid)potato starchnatural flavorFruit Concentrates ( elderberry , grape, blackcurrant)Hydrolyzed pea protein Vegetable oil ( sunflower)Glazing agent ( beeswax white and yellow)May contain traces of milk.

Katja Biggetjes