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HiPP Good Night Milk 10 months +

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HiPP Good Night 500g.HiPP Good Night 500g.
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HiPP Good Night 500g (10 months +)

Good night milk cereal meal BIO Complete meal to drink for the evening HiPP good night! is a complete dairy grain meal that is perfectly suitable as hosts due to its special composition. In addition to high-quality organic follow-on milk the HiPP contains good night! Porridge cereal meal selected organic grain and is particularly smooth. Ideal before bedtime. It is pleasantly satisfying and due to its special composition perfectly as a complete meal. Through the use of developmentally appropriate follow-on milk, the HiPP provides good night! Milk-cereal meal your baby even in the evening with amounts of vitamins and minerals that are needed for healthy growth in addition to drink Diet tailored to the age of your baby. HiPP organic production quality Out of conviction, we rely on strictly controlled organic ingredients. We go to selection of the raw materials well beyond the strict requirements of the legislator for baby food and control more strictly as prescribed by the law. Strict quality control from raw material to finished product to guarantee maximum safety for you and your baby HIPP organic Product details: with 5 varieties of organic whole grain for more saturation Complete meal to drink from the Cup for the evening with ingredients from organic production Content: 500 g Application: for babies from the 10th month as evening MilchGetreide meal to drink The HiPP good night! Milk-cereal meal is no substitute for the daily milk. Please let the Cup or a cup drink your child even in the evening as early as possible to avoid damaging tooth time sucking

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