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Hipp Kindermilch Combiotik 2+

>24 months
Hipp Kindermilch Combiotik ab 2 jahreHipp Kindermilch Combiotik ab 2 jahre
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Children milk 2+ BIO Combiotik (600 g)

Calcium: supports the development of healthy bones and teeth

Vitamin D: helps the bones "to incorporate into the calcium"

Iron: promotes hematopoiesis and mental development

Omega-3: important for brain and nerve cells

Iodine: essential for the function of the thyroid gland

Prebiotics & Probiotics: like all HiPP BIO Combiotik ® result milks and HiPP

Children milk 12 month Combiotik ® contains also the HiPP of children milk 2 + Combiotik ® a unique combination of natural lactic acid cultures and Prebiotic Fibre (GOS *). Daily drinking, prebiotic dietary fiber can promote a healthy intestinal flora. * Galactooligosaccharide - derived from lactose

Adapted protein & fat content suitable for children

Ingredients: Skimmed milk, lactose, vegetable oils, prebiotic fiber (Galactooligosaccharide from lactose), calcium carbonate, Calciumorthophosphate, Bourbon vanilla extract, ferrous lactate, probiotic lactic acid culture, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium Iodate, vitamin B12.