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Hipp Combiotik HA1

Hipp Combiotik HA1Hipp Combiotik HA1
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HIPP Combiotik HA 1 initial milk (500 g)

-Ballaststoffe (GOS *) modelled on breast milk. * Galactooligosaccharide - derived from lactose

-natural lactic acid cultures that were originally derived from breast milk. Mother's milk contains a variety of probiotic cultures, which can be individually different.

-long-chain, polyunsaturated Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (LCP), as they contain also in breast milk are. They are particularly important in the first months of life, because babies at this age can produce even insufficient LCPs.

-allergen-poor protein: the protein plays a crucial role for the triggering of allergies. By particularly strong protein cleavage, HiPP HA1 Combiotik ® contains only small, low-allergen protein components which the body feels less than foreign. HiPP HA1 Combiotik ® helps therefore to reduce the risk of allergy milk protein along the lines of gestillter infants.