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Van Gilse Schenkstroop classic

Van Gilse Schenk stroop apple syrup pancakesVan Gilse Schenk stroop apple syrup pancakes
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Van Gilse Original syrup is the well-known syrup on pancakes according to old Dutch recipe made. Prepared with the best ingredients according to traditional recipes Indispensable for on the pancake, in porridge and in yoghurt The solution that arises in the preparation of granulated sugar from sugar beets is the basis for the preparation of various types of syrup. Van Gilse is the discoverer of syrup, specifically suitable for on pancakes and crepes. The Van Gilse syrup is prepared according to traditional recipes and therefore has the name ' the original syrup '. A second flavor is the caramel syrup, a pure indulge taste for young and old. The Van Gilse Pour syrups are not only delicious on pancakes, but are also delicious over ice and in the yogurt. Syrups are also a fine bakingrediënt and have been using them in the preparation of various sauces. the great apple syrup for pancakes

Pour syrup is 3 year shelf life (see tht on packaging) and free of gluten.

Van Gilse the original syrup, 500 gram

Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy 1224 kJ (288 kcal)
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrates 72 g
Fat 0 g
Per serving (tablespoon 15 g) 43 kcal

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