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Spinach Recipes
spinach recipes hollandforyou

1kglarge potatoes((bag3kg), peeled)
4 eggs
2 tbspoil
2 onions(quartered)
1red bell pepper (chopped)
2x375gspinach (chopped(Packa450g,frozen))
1/2bottle ofcream(light(a250 ml))


Cut thepotatoesinto quarters andboil them inca.15 minsuntil tender.Boil theeggs7 mins,peel themandcut theminto quarters.Cook in afrying pantheslices Baconinapprox.2min.take themfrom the panand drain onpaper towels.
Pour theoil in thefrying pan withcooking fatandfry the onionsandthe peppers5min.Add half thespinach andlet allomscheppendthaw.Add the rest ofthe spinach andleteven thoughomscheppendthaw.Heat thespinach3minutes<span id="noHighlight_0.011
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spinach recipes

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