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Cabbage and potatoes recipe
cabbage and potatoes hollandforyou

800 g boiled potatoes
50 g butter
1 onion
4 runderbraadworsten
1 bag of red cabbage with Apple (cooked, 500 g)
100 g tutti frutti (bag 500 g)
2 tablespoons gravy seasoning naturel (bottle (a) 195 ml)

Prepare Peeling potatoes, wash and cook in 20 minutes. Heat butter in frying pan and sausage in 20 min. gaarbakken. Carbon according to prepare operating instructions. Onion peeling and donut. Tutti frutti cut into pieces. Remove sausage from pan. In cooking fat onion fruits. To cooking fat 150 ml of water, add seasoning and gravy tutti frutti. Bring to the boil while stirring gravy. Red cabbage with potatoes, sausage and gravy serving.

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cabbage and potatoes

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