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*Available* 800gr.
10 months
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Hipp milk food BIO 3 organic follow-on milk (800 g)

For valuable energy: The Hipp 3 follow-on milk

From the age of 10 months, you can your baby the Hipp 3 organic follow-on milk type. If you feel that your baby is not properly fed or is also accompanying the slow weaning, the Hipp follow-on milk 3 ideal. You can prepare the milk powder as usual in the vial or Porridges, first in the context of foods do. The exact quantities, please refer to the back of the packaging.

Important nutrients for your child

Your child needs valuable minerals, vitamins and nutrients especially during the growth phase in the first years of life. The organic follow-on milk Hipp supports the healthy development of your baby from 10 months and is tailored to his needs. The follow-on formula is made from natural organic ingredients, enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids. They are important especially for the brain and nerve cells. In addition natural calcium, protein from organic milk, as well as valuable nutrients inside the follow-on milk.

The Hipp 3 follow-on milk contains 70 calories per 100 ml ready-to-drink food.

Hipp milk food BIO 3 at a glance

HiPP 3 BIO is tailored to the specific nutritional needs of your baby from the 10th month and supports its healthy development.

800 g in the wake of HiPP 2 organic following each other follow-on milk if your baby is not enough Follow-on milk for valuable energy in the growth phase enriched with iron with Omega-3 fatty acids with ingredients from organic production gluten-free Ingredients

Skimmed milk *, lactose *, vegetable oil *, whey powder * part demineralised, starch *, emulsifier, soy lecithin, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, potassium citrate, potassium chloride, L-tryptophan, magnesium sulphate, ferrous sulphate, vitamin E, vitamin A, niacin, zinc oxide, Pantothenic acid, copper sulphate, vitamin K, vitamin B1, zinc sulphate, vitamin B6, potassium Iodate, biotin, manganese sulphate, folic acid, vitamin B2, SODIUM SELENATE, vitamin D, vitamin B12

* from organic production


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