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Hipp Bio combiotik 3

*Available* 900gr.
10 months
Hipp Bio combiotik 3Hipp Bio combiotik 3
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Sales price 30,65 €

Hipp Bio com­bi­o­tik 3

HiPP has developed a new generation of organic milk nutrition with HiPP 3 Bio Combiotik Groeimelk. HiPP 3 Bio Combiotics contains a unique combination of: Nutrient Fibers (ACE *) * Galacto-oligosaccharides - from lactose Targeted, reduced protein content Vitamin A, C and D Organic milk

Extra information
Children have specific nutritional needs from the 12th month. HiPP Bio 3 Combiotics Growth milk provides important building blocks for the growth in the amounts your child needs now: a specially-adapted, reduced protein content, essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth.
Content and weight 900 grams.

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