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Hero Baby standard 1 is an infant formula for babies up to 6 months. Hero Baby standard 1 is easy to digest and contains prebiotic fibres, nucleotides and important fatty acids DHA/AA, all nutrients that you also naturally found in breast milk.

Each box contains 2 Hero Baby standard 1 foil packaging à 400 grams. To make 100 ml of infant formula to loose your 3 measuring spoons of 4.3 grams of powder in 90 ml of water. Are the unopened foil packaging approx. 2 year shelf life, after opening you need to use the contents within 4 weeks. 1 mix Hero Baby standard 1 infant formula is sufficient for 26 bottles of 200 ml.

Properties of Hero Baby standard 1 infant formula

Of course do you want to give your baby the best infant formula that exists. That is why Hero Baby standard 1 such a good choice because it is a complete and easily digestible formulae which prebiotic fibres, nucleotides and contains important fatty acids DHA/AA.

Hero Baby standard 1 infant formula is designed for babies from 0-6 months. Once your baby is 4 months old you can also Default next to him or her Hero Baby 1 always give other diet go, this first consultation with your doctor or dispensary. In the first months is breast feeding the best food for your baby. If you don't want to give then more can breastfeeding or infant formula the best alternative. From 6 months old can be replaced by Hero Baby Hero Baby standard 1 standard 2.
EAN 8711173001870

Hero Baby (美素)  标准婴儿配方奶粉1段是为6个月内宝宝设计的完全婴儿配方奶粉。这款奶粉极易消化,同时富含益生元纤维,核苷酸和重要脂肪酸DHA/AA,这些营养物质都是母乳中自然含有的。每盒Hero Baby (美素)  标准婴儿配方奶粉1段产品内含2袋奶粉,每袋400克。冲泡100毫升牛奶需要3勺(每勺4.3克)奶粉和90毫升水。产品在密封状态下能保存2年,一旦开启,需在4周内食用。一盒Hero Baby (美素) 标准婴儿配方奶粉1段可冲泡26瓶(每瓶200毫升)牛奶。

Hero Baby (美素) 标准婴儿配方奶粉1段产品明细

父母都希望给宝宝最好的奶粉,Hero Baby (美素) 标准婴儿配方奶粉1段您的最佳选择,它极易消化,同时富含益生元纤维,核苷酸和重要脂肪酸DHA/AA,这款产品主要针对0-6个月的宝宝,同时适用于大部分宝宝。食用前请咨询医生或诊所意见。在宝宝出生后的几个月里,母乳是宝宝最好的食物。在无母乳或不愿母乳喂养的情况下,婴儿配方奶粉是最佳的选择。宝宝满4个月时,在咨询医生意见后,您可以在1段奶粉之外再给他补充其他营养物质。宝宝满6个月后,您可以给他转Hero Baby (美素)标准配方奶粉2段。