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Aptamil Kindermilch 2+

Kindermilch Aptamil Pronutra from 2 year 800gKindermilch Aptamil Pronutra from 2 year 800g
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Kindermilch Aptamil Pronutra from 2 year 800g

Aptamil Kindermilch 2+

Aptamil Kindermilch 2+ for age of 2 years and older The period from the 2nd birth day is important for the growth and development of your child. With the right diet will help you its healthy development today. In the context of a balanced diet, the intake of essential nutrients and an age-based energy supply here is important. Therefore, our researchers based on latest research findings and recommendations from nutrition experts work continually on the optimal composition of our children's milk. Aptamil baby milk from 2 years following the current recommendations in its composition and is optimally adapted to the nutritional needs of your baby. Application Aptamil baby milk 2 + is suitable for infants from 2 years as milk drink for breakfast, dinner or for in between, in the framework of a balanced and age-appropriate infant diet. Special features Aptamil baby milk complies with the latest recommendations. She is without flavouring substances and includes age-appropriate nutrition your child's: Vitamins A, C and D, which contribute to a healthy immune system naturally Vitamin D and calcium for normal growth and development of bone Iodine - important for the growth and the function of the thyroid gland an age reduced protein content patented Prebiotics (GOS/FOS *)

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