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Optimax Kinder calcium kauwtabletten 60pcs

Optimax Kinder calcium kauwtabletten 60pcsOptimax Kinder calcium kauwtabletten 60pcs
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Optimax Kinder calcium kauwtabletten 60pcs

With Optimax children ingest additional Calcium Calcium is the a A, B, Inge. To be precise, all natural Calcium from oyster shells, supplemented by the Vitamins D3 and K1. With Calcium, contributes to a strong teeth With Calcium, for normal growth and development of bones Without artificial additives.p>

Description Dietary supplement based on vitamins and calcium. Optimax Children Calcium forest fruits from 1 year. A healthy lifestyle is important, as well as a varied and balanced diet, for which dietary supplements no substitute. Chewable tablet. Content and weight 60 piece. Ingredients Ingredients: sugar, 35% oesterschelp granules (calcium carbonate) (Mollusca), maltodextrin, bulking agent (cellulose), forest fruits aroma, anti-caking agent (stearic acid, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), dye (beet red), cholecalciferol, phytomenadion.

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