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Melvita Biologische speltstroop

Melvita Biologische speltstroopMelvita Biologische speltstroop
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Melvita Biologische speltstroop

Melvita biological spelts troop has a delicious, authentic, outspoken spelt sweet taste. On a pancake, as ingredient for making cakes or cookies! A good and flavorful alternative to more sophisticated sugar Certified organic and unrefined The spelt is fully used for up to preserve nutritional values Vegetable, so suitable for vegetarians and vegans The troop of spelts Melvita is a good alternative to refined sugar. The spelt flour gives a characteristic and sweet taste. The syrup is a good sweetener to prepare hot or cold dishes or for example over pancakes. In the production remain the natural properties of spelt kept as much as possible and the originality of the product is guaranteed

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