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de ruijter dark chocolate sprinkles

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de ruijter dark chocolate sprinkles hagelslagde ruijter dark chocolate sprinkles hagelslag
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De Ruijter Dark chocolate sprinkles

De Ruijter is one of the famous dutch brands for producing chocolate sprinkles, try chocolate sprinkles on bread it is just tasteful. Cildren love to eat chocolate sprinkles
Delicious De Ruijter dark chocolate sprinkles to decorate the sandwich delicious. de ruijter hagelslag puur
Well.. we the dutch have a habit of eating chocolate sprinkles on our sandwich and in Holland we say hagelslag to our chocolate sprinkles. Chocolate sprinkles not only are eaten by children but also adults love them on there bread. There are a lot of flavoured sprinkles you can eat on your bread like fruit sprinkles or anise see the licorice seed hagelslag. We have in general two flavours for chocolate sprinkles, the dark chocolate sprinkles or the milk chocolate sprinkles and many varients of these delicous hagelslag

When babies are born in The Netherlands, our dutch birthing tradition is to eat " muisjes" on our beschuit (rusks). So if a baby girl is borne we eat pink anise hagelslag and blue anise seed when it is a boy.

Good for on a sandwich or a rusk . benefits of dark chocolate

De Ruijter Dark chocolate sprinkles De Ruijter Dark chocolate sprinkles
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