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Brinta Classic Volkoren

Brinta Classic Volkoren tarwe BreakfastBrinta Classic Volkoren tarwe Breakfast
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Brinta Classic Volkoren

Brinta is the complete and natural breakfast porridge that will take care of yourself! Brinta is made up of 100% whole wheat and is a natural source of 6 vitamins and minerals. Preparation: heat the milk for 1.5 minutes at 750-900 watts, add Brinta, stirring and finishing Variation tip: Add 2 tablespoons of Brinta after preparation of a fruit shake Ask any Dutch emigrant which products from home they miss most and Brinta will almost certainly feature high on their list! There is nothing quite like this delicious, Dutch natural breakfast porridge, made from 100% whole wheat fibre and a natural source of vitamin B. Every filling bowl of Brinta is rich in minerals, including magnesium and iron, so you can enjoy a tasty breakfast and your body gets the nourishment it needs every morning.

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