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Unox Soep in Blik Originele Mosterdsoep 800mlUnox Soep in Blik Originele Mosterdsoep 800ml
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Unox Soep in Blik Originele Mosterdsoep 800ml

Try the delicous mustard green soup with the mustard greens soup recipe The Mustard Soup is one of Unox's delicious soups. As a traditional Dutch brand, Unox belongs to all Dutch people. We love good food and only use the tastiest and best ingredients. We use sustainably grown vegetables and Beter Leven meat where possible for the best quality. For example, our tomatoes grow in an open field and are ripened under the sun. That is why we have been making the best soups since 1957. These are not just the classic soups that you are used to from us, but we continue to innovate so that there is something for everyone. Fortunately, the soup is ready in no time! Heat the soup in the pan to boiling point or heat it in the microwave (750 watts) for 2.5 minutes. It is wonderful to combine the soup with fresh bread. We are continuously working on improving our products. In this way we ensure that future generations can enjoy our products in a responsible manner. Unox has therefore been inextricably linked to Dutch cuisine for 80 years. We not only make soups, but also smoked sausages, knaks, snacks and even vegetarian meatballs. So there is a starter, main course or snack for everyone. That can only be Unox!

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