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Aptamil Pre

*Available* 800gr.
0-6 months
Aptamil PreAptamil Pre
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Aptamil pre with Pronutra (800 g)

The unique composition of the breast milk gives your baby from day one on all the nutrients that it needs to develop healthy. Breast-feeding is therefore the best for your baby. In this early phase of life, important processes such as the development of the immune system and the development of the brain take place, at the proper nutrition has an important influence.

Therefore our scientists and Aptamil engaged experts in the research of mother's milk for more than 30 years research into breast milk. Through cooperation with universities and research institutes, our scientists make sure that our Aptamil milk nahrungen are always the most recent recommendations from nutrition experts.

New formula with Pronutra: our new Aptamil with Pronutra is tailored for all ages on the specific nutritional needs of your baby. As a result, your baby receives exactly the combination of nutrients that it needs for its developmentally.

Aptamil initial milk pre with Pronutra contains:
patented GOS/FOS (galacto-/ Fructo-oligosaccharides): a fibre mixture modelled on breast milk.
LCP Milupan ® - long multiple unsaturated fatty acids, age just optimized, as mother's milk happen. You are important especially in the first months of life, babies can not even make LCPs in this age contain only lactose