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Aptamil Milchnahrung Comfort

Aptamil Milchnahrung ComfortAptamil Milchnahrung Comfort
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Aptamil comfort Aptamil comfort
- special foods for constipation and bloating loosens the stool and regulates digestion. In the first weeks of life, your child's small body must afford much: the conversion of the feed on the umbilical cord out to own feeding going on not always smoothly. The not yet fully developed digestive system of your child often reacts with bloating and constipation, expires the digestive process controlled. Aptamil comfort a special food offers for babies with tendency to constipation and bloating. The optimally balanced composition is modelled on breast milk and has a positive effect on diet-related indigestion. For obstructions, lightened the Chair, reduces flatulence, and gently regulates digestion. Aptamil - 30 years of experience for your child Aptamil comfort is a special food for easier digestion of your child's special diet needs. Optimally matched to the your baby's sensitive digestive tract patented Prebiotics (galacto - / Fructooligosaccharides) in line with other precious ingredients provide a relief of the complaints by the following of the recipe on the structure of the breast milk. Aptamil breast milk research while offering Aptamil comfort the elderly saturation and comprehensive supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are needed for the healthy development and optimal growth your child. For infants with allergy tendency, nutrition with special food of Aptamil is suitable, because it contains no allergens and glow a free. Where the milk food for better digestion contains easily digestible protein, as well as comparably less lactose than conventional baby food. This the digestive tract can absorb the nutrients more easily. In addition, the Aptamil comfort formula contains long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids modeled on mother's milk (added by LCP Milupan®). These fatty acids can not even make your child's body, got to get but for the healthy development of the formula fed her, if it is not satisfied. Optimally suitable Aptamil comfort after consultation with physician or midwife when recommending a special foods for digestive problems. Due to the dietary treatment of your child with Aptamil comfort under medical control, the indigestion should subside within a few days already. If this is not the case, a second conversation with the pediatrician is useful to aspects other than to exclude reason. Aptamil comfort milk food is for long-term nutrition of your child you should decide only after consultation with the pediatrician. Product details in the overview: Designed along the lines of the mother's milk: Contains patented Prebiotics (galacto - / Fructooligosaccharides) - fiber blend Split up, easily digestible protein Long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids (added by LCP Milupan®) Less lactose than other infant formulas With all of the vital minerals and vitamins Age satiating Gluten-free Without preservatives *, without dyes *, without artificial flavors * (* according to the law) Important notes: Breastfeeding is the best food for your baby. Please speak with your pediatrician or your midwife if you want to use an infant formula.