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Natrena Stevia zoetstof

Natrena met Stevia Extract 45gNatrena met Stevia Extract 45g
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In Natrena Crystal Stevia Powder Maltodextrin, sits sweetener steviol glycosides. The Stevia plant The Stevia plant is native to Paraguay. There the plant by the original inhabitants have been used for centuries as a sweetener. Stevia is discovered worldwide because of its good qualities. The plant is naturally 300 x sweeter than sugar and reduced-calorie! Natrena has the good of this plant conceived in a great tasting crystal powder. Maltodextrin? Natrena with stevia extract contains 97% dosing medium maltodextrin. This is used to improve the doseerbaarhied of Natrena with stevia extract. Steviolglycosiden are 300 x sweeter than sugar and therefore difficult to measure. One scoop Natrena with stevia extract gives the same sweetening power as one spoonful of sugar, but delivers much less calories. 45 g Natrena with stevia extract is equal to the sweet power of 360 grams of sugar.

per 100 grams per teaspoonful
Energy 1621 kJ 13 kJ
protein 0 g 0 g
97 g carbohydrates 0.8 g
Fat 0 g 0 g