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Klene Ontdekkingsreizen laurierdrop

Klene Laurier ontdekkingsreizenKlene Laurier ontdekkingsreizen
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This age of discovery have a wonderful taste and Laurel are made with Gum Arabic. A delora to discover! • A delicious chewy texture, you can taste the quality. • With genuine Laurier, so pure enjoyment.
Description Solid bay leaf drop. Solid drop made with really Laurel Content: ~ 8 servings. Content and weight 200 grams. 8 serving (s). Ingredients/Composition Ingredients: sugar, gelling agent (gum Arabic (17%)), modified starch, glucose syrup, licorice root extract, gelatin, water, bay leaf extract, ammonium salt, vegetable oil (coconut), glazing agent (beeswax), natural flavour.