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Nutrilon Hypo-Alergeen 1

*NOT Available* 750gr.
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Nutrilon HA 1

You choose Nutrilon H. A. 1 with PronutraTM as a parent , a brother or sister of your baby has an allergy ( had) , such as eczema , hay fever , asthma or food allergies . Is your child older than 0 months and you want to switch to bottle feeding ? Then start after breastfeeding Nutrilon H. A. 1. Use the supply from the first vial in place of a standard bottle-feeding.
Nutrilon H. A. 1 contains partially digested cow's milk . This means that the cow's milk protein in the diet given special treatment : they are cut into pieces . Thus, the body recognizes the protein less .
Nutrilon with PronutraTM contains our proprietary blend of prebiotic fiber CIS : lcFOS and vitamins C and D. These vitamins support the normal functioning of the immune system . Additionally Nutrilon contains PronutraTM iron , because natural iron stores your baby after 6 months runs out. It also contains the appropriate amount of unsaturated omega fatty acids DHA and AA . This support normal brain development .
Caution !

This product is not suitable for children with proven cow's milk allergy. For these babies , there is Nutrilon Pepti 1 .

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