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Caribbean, 11 September 2016
Excellent service!!!

United States, 17 August 2016
Thank you my bike arrived today thank for helping me getting my Dutch Bike!

UK, 7  August 2016
We will order again soon thank you for you great Service

Germany, 13 Juli 2016
Thank you i love Hollandforyou!

Benny  Conzales
Spain, 8  Juli 2016
mmm.. package finally arrived!

Rick Tavers
United States, 27 June 2016
Don't forget the Candy next time!

Quinn  Jones
Ireland, 14 June 2016
My box came today!

UK, 1 June 2016
Fast Service it took just 3 days

Germany, 23 Mei 2016
Greatings from Germany!

Spain, 30 September 2015
Hollandforyou just the number 1 site!!!

United Kingdom, 18 September 2015
I would like to give compliments to your employees, thank you!

Germany, 2 September 2015
De Ruijter Chocolate arrived today!

Peter Jackson
Australia, 26 august 2015
Thank you Hollandforyou ..great service, speed delivery!


Spain, 21 august 2015
Thank you for the chocolate sprinkles, i will order more soon!

United Kingdom, 10 august 2015
The package arrived today,very happy to recieve my products ordered at hollandforyou!

Alison Gala
United States, 6 august 2015
Just love Hollandforyou, my pancake pan arrived today!


China, 15 Juli 2015
The Nutrilon baby formula i ordered arrived today, just in time an thank you for the nice present!


Spain, 5 Juli 2015
I received the licorice from hollandforyou it came quicker then i expected, i will order again from Hollandforyou! Thank you 

China, 25 June 2015
Ordered the Hero Baby 4 and it arrived today i was bit worried about delivery time, but arrived safely! Thank you Hollandforyou for your great service 

Hu Qian
China, 21 June 2015
Thank you my package arrived safely today! Good service Hollandforyou!


Frankrijk, 2 June 2015
Hoi, Ik heb mijn pakketje vandaag ontvangen. ..erg blij mee geweldig. eindelijk fristi voor mijn kinderen en de hagelslag.


United Kingdom 26 Mai 2015
Thank you package received, and that within 4 days after ordering ...great!


Robert van Elst
Spain 23 Mai 2015
Hollandforyou geweldige site. Snel geleverd, goed verpakt. Ik ben uitzinnig blij met Stroopwafels en chocomel Robert


Julie Kuijper
United Kingdom 18 Mai 2015 Dear people of Hollandforyou. I now live in London for years and miss Dutch licorice. The tea in the UK is different than in the Netherlands, here is my favorite brand Pickwick tea. I'm glad I found you and will regularly bring my visit to Hollandforyou.


Trevor Clifton
Ierland 13 Mai 2015
How long will it take for sending a package to Ierland?


Rebecca Campbell
United States 1 Mai 2015
Hollandforyou is Great...!!! I live in Texas for 2 years now and then you start missing The Netherlands I am happy that i found Hollandforyou, love the site!


Junbiao Lu China,
Shanghai, 24 April 2015
Nutrilon baby powder arrived today and i am happy, fast delivery thank you


Qian Ouyang
China, Pudong, 21 April 2015
Friso has new brand name Hero Baby, was a bit worried on hollandforyou website picture of Friso package!


Ben Klaasen
Sweden, 17 April 2015
Hollandforyou bedankt ..Geweldige service! binnen 5 week pakket binnen ..goed verpakt. Ik zal jullie zeker aanraden bij andere Hollanders hier!


Christian Breiholz
Germany, N├╝rnberg 11 April 2015
Danke Danke fur die Hollandische Chocomel!


Richard Venables
Singapore, 28 March 2015
Pff.. Package arrived in singapore, just in time for my birthday!


Wenjing Zhang
China, Beijing, 4 March 2015
Was worried, package at customs, but arrived today after 11 days, good service Hollandforyou!


Lucy Dudhill
United Kingdom, 27 Februari 2015
Thank you love the dutch syrup waffles arrived today! Thank you Hollandforyou!


Anis El Mahjoubi
Emirates, 13 Februari 2015
Hollandforyou good service, will order again!


Chen Wen
China, Chonqging 10 Februari 2015
Nutrilon arrived safely, you packed it very tighty, good service Hollandforyou, will buy again!


Wang Xiangjun
China, Shanghai 3 Februari 2015
Hollandforyou Fast service will order again!


Justin Hill
United States 23 Januari 2015
Finally a great dutch online supermarket with all the dutch products i want to buy, i love Conimex products! Till next time!


Ruth Pickett
United Kingdom, 4 Januari 2015
My package arrived before Christmas, thank you Hollandforyou team, good service